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Service Shops

Service Shops

Every crane in the ALL rental fleet is kept strictly up to date and returned to “rent ready” condition after it comes off a job, whether it’s been two weeks or two years. That, and all scheduled maintenance, is done for all of our equipment by our own factory-trained mechanics in our own service shops. We’ve built an engine shop run by trained mechanics, hydraulic department, paint shop, weld shop, and fabrication shop. We also maintain our own truck and trailer shop and glass department.

Our Own "Service Central"

Over our five decades in business, ALL has built a “village” of 10 service, repair, and maintenance shops in our main yard in Cleveland and satellite service yards at our branches. We are unique in the industry, and we do it all—from changing a tire to replacing an engine to complete rebuilding or remanufacturing. Our staff service mechanics and technicians maintain our equipment in optimum working condition. Because we control the service processes, what you get is the best-maintained equipment in the market.

Managing the Fleet

Fleet management with 38 branch yards means a lot of cranes moving continuously from job to job and between the yards. Our dispatch team is highly trained and prepared for any eventuality—keeping the fleet moving smoothly is their goal. Our own fleet of 750 trucks and 2,000 trailers is available to move our total of 3,500 pieces of lift equipment anywhere it’s needed—without the delays or hassles of hiring a trucking company. You save money, too.

Serving With Excellence

Prevention. Preparation. Performance. Our three daily watchwords stand for being vigilant about safety, preparing thoroughly for every lift, and never wavering in reliability, integrity, and reinvestment in our business and our people. Read more

Emergency Service

When an emergency arises that requires lift equipment, ALL is there to answer the call for help. We dispatched 47 cranes from several ALL yards to New Orleans in 2011 to help rebuild the levees destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. When a truck rammed into a pedestrian bridge over I-90 [see video] in Cleveland and tore it from its moorings, ODOT called. ALL sent a couple of big all terrain cranes and various personnel lift cranes to the scene. And when Zero the polar bear at the Milwaukee Zoo fell into his moat and couldn’t get out, a 50-ton crane from Dawes Rigging & Crane Rental, a member of the ALL Family of Companies, lifted him to safety.

Service Shops press release:

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