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Types of Equipment for Rent

TypeManufacturerModelCapacity (Ton)BoomJibStatus
Tower Cranes PotainIGO 506.668'131'Used
Tower Cranes PotainHDT 806.6106'148'Used
Tower Cranes PotainIgo T85a6.6120'148'Used
Tower Cranes PotainMDT 1788.8203'197'Used
Tower Cranes PotainMDT 36817.6246'246'Used
Tower Cranes PotainMDT 41211230'246'Used
Tower Cranes PotainMD 61027.6280'262'Used
Tower Cranes PotainMR 41526.5194'197'Used
Tower Cranes PotainMR 41826.5194'197'Used
Tower Cranes PotainMR 605B35.3199'197'Used
Tower Cranes PotainMR 60835.3199'197'Used
Tower Cranes PotainMD 485B M2022236'262'Used
Tower Cranes TerexSK 41522195'246'Used
Tower Cranes TerexSK 57535213'262'Used
Tower Cranes TerexSK 31517.6227'230'Used
Tower Cranes TerexCBR 36H-44.466'118'Used
Tower Cranes TerexCBR 40H-44.474'131'Used
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