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Kenneth Bowyer of ALL Crane Rental of Florida Wins Annual Crane Rodeo Competition

November 19, 2013

Kenneth Bowyer of ALL Crane Rental of Florida Wins Annual Crane Rodeo Competition
November 19, 2013--The ALL Family of Companies is proud to announce that Kenneth Bowyer, a crane operator from ALL Crane Rental of Florida, LLC, won the 2013 Regional Crane Rodeo competition, held in Orlando, Florida, on November 9.

The rodeo, hosted by The Crane Institute of America and The Florida Crane Owner's Council, is now in its third year. Officially known as the MCM & CIC Crane Operator Rodeo, the competition was developed by Maximum Capacity Media, publisher of Crane & Rigging Hot Line magazine, and Crane Institute Certification, a nationally accredited crane operator certification provider, to underscore the need for safe crane operation.

The event is specifically designed to test crane operator skills. Contestants are required to place a crane's headache ball into barrels without landing the ball or hitting any barrels; maneuver 55-gallon drums full of water through a barrel-lined obstacle course, and raise a 10-foot pipe from a horizontal to a vertical position, then place it between a set of cones. Each test is timed and monitored by the judges for load control, depth perception, and accuracy. Operators use a swing-cab style mobile crane with the boom extended approximately 70 feet.

The rodeo's objectives are not only to underscore the need for safe crane operation, which can only be achieved through training and experience, but also to increase awareness of the pending OSHA requirements for crane operators to be formally certified. Further, the crane rodeo seeks to raise the stature and visibility of crane operation as a profession. Winning Operators are recognized for achieving the skills required to be successful and provide positive publicity for the crane and rigging industry.

Ken is modest about his achievement. "I'm competitive on equipment, but I don't like to toot my own horn, so to speak," he said. "I'm very proud to have brought positive recognition to ALL, however.  I had the full support of Mitch McDonald, my General Manager. He made a point of coming to watch me, and helping my family with hotel accommodations, which I appreciate very much."

Though illness almost prevented him from competing, his family insisted he follow through. "They made me practice what I preach about always following through on commitments," he added, laughing. "Being sick made completing the course a bit tougher, but I made it.

Ken will advance to the National Championship in Las Vegas in March 2014. Prize money totaling approximately $2,000 will be awarded to the winner, as will a special belt, similar to that given to more traditional rodeo champions. "It's not really my thing," Ken said, "but I am going to wear my special Stetson for the occasion."

Congratulations, Ken! We're all rooting for you.

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