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ALL throughout the years

Glimpses at ALL's early years
Jake Liptak, one of the three brothers who founded the ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp.
ALL's 4100 Ringer was the first Manitowoc crawler bought by ALL.
Dawes Rigging & Crane Rental, founded in 1945 in Wisconsin, joined in 1978.
Randy Harris joined ALL in 1981 to learn the business from the ground up. He began in the shop, sweeping floors. He ended his career run¬ning one of the company's largest divisions.
In 1985, ALL bet on the burgeoning RT market and won, changing the landscape for many construction sites. 15t, 22t, and 35t RTs made up the mix. At the time, this was the second largest purchase in Grove's history.
"Big Mike" Liptak and Larry Liptak, two of three brothers who founded the ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp., pose after a major acquisition of Grove cranes in 1985."
"Big Mike" Liptak proudly shows off one of his first dump trucks.
Photographed in the mid 1980s, Raymond "Tiny" was one of the most dedicated drivers our company could ever hope to call family.
Marc Picione, one of ALL's master mechanics. He has been with us for 35 years, and now handles all major rebuilds.
Bob Matelski and Gene Schwartz in 1980. Both were valued ALL drivers for decades. Gene retired in August 2013.
Dick Reader, crane operator, built his career at ALL. It was said that Dick could run any equipment on any job and never get dirty.
Jack Masterson was one of our finest "conventional" crane operators, running old lattice boom cranes for 30 years.
Ray "Torch" Pekarski. There wasn't a thing Torch couldn't fix..
Rick Mikut, at left, has been with ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp. for 35 years. For 27 of those years he was an NCCCO certified crane operator and instructor. He cur¬rently runs the Crawler Division.
Founded in 1964, ALL began in a trailer. It next expanded to this, their first headquarters, built in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1977. The sprawling complex of shops and service departments eventually expanded to 40 acres.
In January 2009, ALL moved to its new headquarters facility. The previous headquarters building remains home to logistics and the company's main service shop.
Central Contractors Service, founded in 1946 in Chicago, joined in 1977.
ALL acquired other established crane com¬panies to help serve their growing customer base, and the family company became The ALL Family of Companies. Photo circa 1993.
ALL responds on 9/11. Never before printed, these images are sober reminders that the crane business requires steely reaction to all manner of tragedies.
In 1965 the ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp. bought their first new crane. The 52.5 USt. American #20 is still in use today in our Colum¬bus, Ohio, yard.
Throughout the 80s, our 225t American truck crane and sister unit, the 9310 Crawler, worked like horses for us. These cranes had a huge hand building many Cleveland landmarks as our company grew.
Steel was hot in the 70s, even when it was cold. Our TW1275 with 250 ft of boom working at J&L Steel (Jones and Laughlin Steel) on January 11, 1979. Temperature: 0º F.
In 1971, ALL's Brockway heavy duty truck transported a ladle—a vessel used to transport and pour out molten metals—to the mills. For much of ALL's early years, these mills were ALL's best customers.
ALL's "Queen Mary" with double sleeper and dressed to impress. In 1979, this was the biggest truck ALL owned.
By 1985, there was a new "Pride of the Fleet." Here, driver Frank Holly poses with his Peterbilt. ALL currently owns and operates its own fleet of 2,000 trailers and 450 tractors.
Our fleet is second to none in technological capability. ALL received Serial #1 on all major Manitowoc introductions, including the Man¬itowoc 21000 in 1999, the 18000 in 2003, the 16000 in 2006, and the 14000 in 2007.
ALL took the first 10 production models of Link-Belt's game-changing TCC-750 in 2009.
From 1992, the first M250T the company ever bought. This was the first model run off the line and was Manitowoc's predecessor to the 2250. ALL currently has the largest 2250 fleet in the world.

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