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Financing Made Easy

ALL equipment buyers have an ally in the finance managers at ALL. We are specialists in this area.

The process of securing financing for an equipment purchase through ALL is surprisingly simple. The fact is, banks contact our finance department on a regular basis, actively seeking access to our customers. We simply match the customer to the right lender. And the work doesn’t end there. We manage all the details. Once a finance manager becomes engaged in the sales process, the customer can be sure that we are there specifically to help them navigate these waters.

Buyers fill out a one-page credit application, which is then assessed for the right lender fit. We might choose two or three different sources, depending on the equipment the client wants to purchase. We ask for very basic information: name, address, phone, the company’s federal ID, and the owner of the company’s details: name, phone, social security number. It takes about five minutes to complete. In some cases, we already have all their information because they are return customers.

The average approval time is minimal. Usually, when an applicant’s information is sent out to three different lenders, all three respond with approvals by the next business morning.

People ask how ALL can facilitate these finance transactions; that is, do we act as a bank?

The answer is we are simply a facilitator, or middleman; we connect customers and lenders and get an appropriate commission, but from the bank. Customers benefit because of the number of transactions ALL facilitates. That is, customers get a better rate than if they had gone it alone. It’s a win-win. But there’s more to it than that.

For many customers, financing becomes an insurmountable task — to shop around at different banks, trying to find one that specializes in exactly the type of financing they need. But because the banks already know us and know the quality of our customers, they come to us, and we’re able to gauge which lender would be best in every circumstance. Here at ALL, we like it when everyone benefits.

Credit Terms & Policies
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